Our company as scientific & creative program "STEREOKINO" was created by a group of people for the purpose of improving and developing the 3D movie in Russia. One of the founders of our company is the director of stereokino labrtry in NIKFI (Russian Scientific Research Cinema and Photo Institute) - Sergey Rozhkov. In 1991 his labrotary was awarded a Technical Achievement Award by American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science for a long and successfull work in the field of 3D.

The company's activities cover all areas of 3D movie business from shooting and releasing 3D movies, manufacturing special 3D equipment and converting cinema theaters for 3D showing. The company is a world leader in utilization a highly technological 3D "STEREO 70" (side by side) movie production system developed by NIKFI in the mid-60's in Soviet Union.

The company with NIKFI has converted 75 national theaters into 3D system during the last five years and the total number of 3D theatres reaches one hundred on the territory of Russia. Each month we modernize one theater with 3D capabilities.

In system "STEREO 70" 3D movie filmprint can be released in two different formats. The 70mm format is applied for theaters with a capacity up to 600 people, and 35mm anamorphotical format for theatres with a capacity up to 200 people.

We have a close cooperation with STEREOVISION company in the United States and it-s president Christofer Condon is a good friend of our team. One of the points of our cooperation is an adaptation of American "OVER UNDER" and Russian "SIDE BY SIDE" systems. One of the main direction in our research is production of equipment for 3D cinemas in Russia and the territory of the former USSR. Recently due to the economic problems 3D movie production in Russia has stopped. The last film we have shot in 1994, and now we pay more attention to the adaptations of 'over under' system movies for Russian

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