Leo Tolstoy beyond  photografy

The project was launched in July 2022 with the support of the Internet Development Institute.
The iconographic material for the film was L.N. Tolstoy's lifetime stereophotographs.
The film is organized around the inner monologue of L.N.Tolstoy, recreated on the basis of his diary entries of the last thirty years of his life and fragments of the writer's writings, forming a thematic unity. They are connected by the constantly recurring thoughts of this period of Tolstoy: What is life for? How to respond to evil? Where does technological progress lead? How can a person become free? Being presented as Tolstoy's inner speech, the recordings introduce an existential drama, show Tolstoy's thinker, first of all, as a person in that collision where Tolstoy is fighting with himself, where he is contradictory and escapes.

Tolstoy's personality appears "from the inside" - in the flow of inner speech, and "from the outside", the way he is seen by spiritually close people - his daughter and M.Gorky. The alternation of Tolstoy's view of the world and the view directed at Tolstoy, internal and external, highlights the complexity of the writer's personality, the gap between him and the world, which he seeks to fill with texts and activities. The apogee of the discord is the anniversary year of the writer, when he delivers the manifesto "I cannot be silent."

All shooting of game reconstruction scenes in Yasnaya Polyana, where family members and visiting guests are present, is carried out with a subjective camera, from Tolstoy's position and vision, which allows you to turn, if necessary, to his inner speech.

About the filming  in the article
"Leo Tolstoy on the other side of the stereokino", published in the magazine "World of Cinema Technology"

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