The author of raster stereo-cinema in the USSR

The development of raster stereo system, which doesn't require use of glasses, has started in NIKFI in 1937 with application of the raster screen invented by S.P.Ivanov under direction of the engineer B.T.Ivanov. The raster stereo-screen provided creation of the so-called zones of selective vision of the left and right images of a stereopair, these zones emerging from a common center on a horizontal plane at the spectator's eye level. The first stereofilms based on Ivanov's system were shot with placement of stereopair on a single 35 mm frame of a film. The first stereo motion picture implementing S.P.Ivanov's system was made in 1940 and was called "Concert" (director A.N.Andrievsky, photography D.V.Surensky). It was demonstrated on a wireline raster screen at a stereo-cinema theater "Moscow" in 1941.