The most effective publicity of the rest.

We are glad to present to you the most impressive and emotional publicity of tourist business - 3D travelogue film about your country or health resort. 3D movie, have always a very large auditorium of spectators and a very big impressive effect, and can be used as hide publicity of you tourist companies, health resort, and entertainment companies.
We have a grate experience in making such 10 minutes films:
“Hello Sochy”, “On Winter To Bulgaria”, "The Flower of Pelopones” and the last one we made in 2000 year for the town council of Lutraka (Greece).
The cost of 10 minutes 3D stereo film is 15.000$.
This price doesn’t include costs for the way, living and staying of cinema (not less than 15 days ( 4 people),which in addition carries a customer.
In addition at will of a customer film can be circulating for showing in usual movie-theaters, written and circulating on usual video tapes for tourist offices, and cane be recording on VCD and DVD for home 3D video on TV or PC.

Using our tecnology system you can make the 15/70mm film copy for show in IMAX 3D.

Stereo-70 for LF Technology