Russian Stereo-70 Cameras for Large Format 3D Filmmaking

Simplify and reduce the costs of 3D Large Format filmmaking with a combination of Russian-made 3D cameras and digital conversion process, such as IMAX DMR™. Stereo?70 cameras capture stereo-pairs side by side on a 5/70 frame, each eye having an area of 18.2x26mm, about the size of a standard 35mm frame. This matches the aspect ratio of 15/70 and with appropriate digital up-resing (by DMR, for example) provides higher quality results than shooting on digital 2K camera.

Stereo-70 cameras are considerably lighter, more flexible and better equipped specifically for 3D shooting than existing 15/70 or 8/70 3D cameras or rigs.  The cameras are also well suited to making 3D films intended for 35mm, digital 2K or 3D DVD.

The prolonged period of return on investments in production is the main hindrance of the giant-screen 3D cinema development.  In case of 3D, using 70-mm 15-perforation film frames, both dimensions and weight of film-making and projection “large-format” technology equipment increase drastically, more than twice, and they grow in geometrical progression, as compared with the traditional 35-mm format. The weight of the 3D film shooting complex reaches almost 200 lb, and it loses to modern movie cameras in mobility. Thus, a producer is more comfortable working in the area of computer 3D animation, instead of being on the shooting set. There is a dangerous tendency of retreat from the real-life 3D shootings into the virtual worlds of digital technologies.

 3D-film producers seek new technologies, which would allow reaching the effect similar to natural.  In spite of the fact that some producers have already declared the production of some projects with application of the digital technology, no final solution of this technology has been found as yet. And the reason is not only insufficient resolution of the existing digital cameras, but also the fact that the offered two digital cameras junction is fundamentally unable to accomplish a correctly calculated filming stereography, which is proved by stereographic faults in the created films based on this technology, despite of their creators’ authority. Such faults make the viewer feel discomfort close to pain.

At the same time, IMAX presented its new DMR (Digital Mastering Reconstruction) technology, which stipulates converting the traditional 35-mm films into 15/70 format through scanning and digital processing with application of a special program. Results are impressive: the company has already released commercial films, including “Apollo-13”, “Matrix, Reloaded”, “Matrix, Revolutions”, and “Harry Potter” films.

Along with the high appreciation of DMR results, StereoKino suggests to use the idea of this technology directly in production of films intended for the giant screen, in particular, in production of 3D films using Russian Stereo-70 system.

The compatibility of IMAX 3D and Stereo-70 systems by the frame ratio allows to use the Russian technology at the start, directly in the shooting process, with the subsequent conversion of a 5/70 format stereo-pair of two adjacent 18.2x26-mm frames into 15/70 format on two films. It will allow essential savings in the film-making process and permit to solve the problem of mobility and competitiveness compared to the conventional film production. The informational capacity of 35-mm frame is much higher than the contemporary digital format, and the specialized Russian 3D cameras are most manageable in the sphere of stereography.

Russian technology for making the motion pictures gives economic solutions of 3D films promotion not only in IMAX 3D theatres and in the  3D digital cinema. 

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